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 N.B Irlen Syndrome is also known as Meares Irlen or Visual Stress

Light Sensivity

Sufferers may be bothered by fluorescent lighting, glare, bright light, sunlight, or encounter problems during night driving.

Poor Achievement

Poor progress in reading, grades do not reflect effort and knowledge, test scores may be lower than expected. Just three of the outward signs that an individual may benefit from an Irlen Screening. In addition a subject may avoid reading or does not read for pleasure.

Reading Difficulties

Sufferers may experience problems with the clarity or stability of  type or printed backgrounds which can, in turn, affect the reading of words, numbers or musical notes. They may also display poor speed, accuracy, comprehension and a lack of enjoyment.

Poor Attention and Concentration

Those affected may be easily distracted and have problems starting or completing even simple tasks. They may become  restless, fidgety or anxious.

Discomfort or Fatigue

Feeling strain, being tired or sleepy when reading or undertaking other perceptual activities may signal an Irlen issue.

Headaches and Physical Symptoms

Headaches, stomach aches, or migraines which appear not to have a medical cause from reading homework or other perceptual activities are often symptomatic of Irlen Syndrome.

Poor Depth Perception

This is an inability to accurately judge distance or spatial relationships. Individuals may encounter difficulty dealing with escalators, stairs, ball sports, or driving.