Introducing Irlen Scotland

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Diagnostic testing by Irlen Scotland will determine whether you can be helped by using IrlenSpectral Filters.
Your unique spectral filter can be worn as glasses, contact lenses or may be applied to your prescription glasses.

Irlen Symptom is a perceptual problem that may affect achievement, learning, and performance for those who struggle to read. For good readers it can limit the time a sufferer may read comfortably and with comprehension. Unfortunately, Irlen Syndrome is NOT detected by standard educational, visual or medical tests. Read The Symptoms

Affected Individuals: Individuals may have slow and inefficient reading skills, strain, fatigue or display poor readingwoman_writes.jpg comprehension. Similarly, writing, copying, math computation and/or computer use can be affected. In addition those with Irlen Syndrome often do not make significant progress from instruction and remediation.

Misperceptions: Approximately 46% of individuals with reading problems, ADD/HD, dyslexia, or various learning disabilities may suffer from Irlen Syndrome. In many cases these people are often perceived as being underachievers, with behavioural, attitudinal, or motivational problems. They may in turn be regarded as being 'bright' but seen as 'not trying hard enough.'

The Irlen Method does not replace the need for instruction or remediation but removes a barrier to learning.

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